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Welcome to Best Practice Technology!

We'll be providing information on the best practices to implement & maintain various technologies. Sometimes it'll be brief and we'll refer to a good starting point & other times there will be in-depth explanation but either way we'll try to prevent you from doing things that would be regretted later in terms of lost time, data and other issues.


We're still deciding on how best to organize all the potential content here (considering using communication layers or cloud computing stack) but here's a couple resources to start with:

Visitors of this wiki

Since this is a wiki, please feel free to contribute what you've learned on how best to do things by experience if also recognized as such in the industry (since there's lots of bad advice out there) or if not then links to reliable & accurate sources are fine as well. Before you start then check out a few existing pages to get the feel of our style (e.g. practical & without too many assumptions).